Serving the public since 2012, we at Nituo Funeral services Singapore place an extremely high emphasis on the quality of service and intrinsic value created for patrons regardless of religion or race. At our core, we believe that everyone deserves a celebrated passing regardless of their income level. Therefore, with our Funeral services singapore packages, we ensure a harmonious journey for bereaved family members at more than modest rates.

We understand that the passing of family members can drastically affect the moods and spirits of family. Funeral services require careful planning and execution, from providing timely transportation to the arrangement of burial location. Therefore, We at Nituo Funeral services singapore will manage and plan funeral services singapore packages for you from start to finish, ensuring a peace of mind for our patrons.

At Nituo Funeral services Singapore, we serve all major religions and ethnicities. Providing Taoist, Christian, Free Thinker ceremonies and much more. Patrons are guaranteed top-notch refreshments and comfort throughout their time with us as well, as we truly believe that the smallest things dictate our overall duty.

Believing in our strong sense of Honor and Dutifulness, we at Nituo Funeral services Singapore will ensure maximum comfort and tailored services that are based on the needs and wants of your family at nominal rates. Ultimately providing relief and comfort for you and your family.


“Really appreciate Nituo’s effort. They went above and beyond to serve us in amenities and service. Definitely recommend.”

Tan Wee Kiat

“Thank you guys for all that you have done. It was really tough to get through my funeral knowing that I have lost someone who was a big part of my life. Thank you for making my Kin’s passing a peaceful and harmonious journey for all of us, thank you really.”

Wong Mei Ling

“In times of grief like this, I think it is really important to find a Funeral parlor you can really trust, as we are definitely in no mood to deal with the many issues such as paperwork and such that is associated with our loss. I would say Nituo is efficient in their dealings and handling of matters, we really only needed to give input during several stages of the process.”

Matthew Lee
We work harder as a smaller company

We are not afraid to claim that we are merely a blip in the entire Funeral services Singapore industry.

Little Fishes move all the time, as the Bigger ones never stop eating them.

But, we cannot afford to have overly complicated funeral packages, hidden fees, overcharged items, boring paperwork, carefree service staff, or disorganised workers.

Funeral services are not easy to execute. That is why we never fail to pick up your calls at 3 to 4am when you most need it, or leave our spouses, children and pets behind just to serve you on a weekend.

We cannot afford to take you for granted.

Our Funeral services Singapore packages have a shorter waiting line anyway!

Serving you with care

Being in the Funeral services Singapore industry since 2012, we have observed several interesting patterns throughout our tenure.

Many Funeral services Singapore companies excel in the planning, managing and execution of their ceremonies. But rarely do you see a personal connection between planner and client.

It is wrong for us to claim that we offer such a personal connection, however, we do our very best to ensure that working with us is easy and comforting.

We love what we do and many of our agents take personal pride in guiding clients in such difficult times. We care deeper about the well-being of our clients than the x and o’s of running a funeral procession.

All of us are glad that this is our calling!

Regardless of income

It maybe embarrassing for some to admit that they may not be able to afford the cheapest Funeral services Singapore packages we offer.

But it is our duty to ensure that everyone has a proper burial; regardless of income.

From our experience, it is not how ‘grand’ ones funeral procession is that makes it ‘impressive’….

But rather, the people who attend that makes the difference. We recommend our clients to break from the conscience guilt of “Spending more for a better funeral” as often times Funeral planners markup their rates by a disturbing amount (We have heard a x4 return).

It is always the quality of experience, the people around you and the clergymen you hire that is most important.

We customise our packages accordingly

Fret not! Regardless of size, we ensure that your package is as customisable as possible.

More work for us, but better satisfaction on your end! Feel free to request anything you may need for your funeral.

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We’re available 24/7!

Contact us at 96854018/96501181 and we’ll respond to you as soon as we can!