About Us

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About Nituo

[/trx_title]Having served the public for the past 4 years, Nituo is an established brand within the undertaker industry, having served a few highly publicised cases and working with many different stakeholders on projects regarding religion.

Nituo’s founding principles regarding its services are:

● Sincerity
● Honesty
● Prudency


At Nituo, we serve our clients with utmost care and sincerity. As our clients are not in the best state of mind, we will do whatever we can to showcase our care and concern, going the extra mile to ensure a meaningful and positive experience over the course of our processions.


We believe in the transparency of our business, as well as answering our clients in all matters regarding the trade of our business. As the undertaker business can have various forms of ‘shady’ practices such as hidden fees, we will endeavor to address any of your concerns and doubts, as we truly believe that “no legacy is as rich as honesty”.


Along with honesty, we strongly believe in setting fair prices for our clients regardless of their income bracket or total wealth. Unlike many of our competitors, we want to ensure that prices are charged fairly and reasonably due to the possible financial backlash they may already face after the loss of a loved one. We want to also dispel the notion that ‘The more expensive the funeral the better’, as we want our clients to instead focus on the quality that funeral parlours provide instead of the prices they offer.[/trx_column_item][/trx_columns]

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