Christian Funeral Services Singapore

Nituo Funeral has designed a Christian Funeral services Singapore package which would ensure that Friends and Families can share their memories together with God and amongst themselves, so as to lessen the heartfelt loss suffered from their tragedy.

We carefully select and curate our Christian funeral services singapore package to include:


  • Assistance in Death Certificate Reporting & Transfer service
  • 4-sided casket (crematable)
  • Embalming & Make-up services
  • Services Team for Funeral Procession (1 Team)
  • Toyota Hearse Rental (1 Trip)
  • Carpet Tiles & Curtains for Casket Area
  • Backdrop and Decor (Christian)
  • Photo Enlargement and Framing
  • Floral Photo Wreath
  • Table Flowers
  • Casket Floral Decoration
  • Cross Flower Stand
  • Setup and rental of Tentage
  • U Shape Tentage & 1 Canvas Set, 3 Canvas Pieces
  • 10 Round Tables + 100 Chairs
  • 15 Square Tables
  • 6 Fans
  • Wiring and Lighting Services and Rental
  • Mandai Cremation (Location changes subjected to Extra charges)
  • Rental of 40 seater Coach
  • Condolence donation box
  • Retrieval 0f ashes


Items are customisable based on specific requirements of our clients for our Christian funeral services Singapore package. Our package starts from $6800 onwards, for 3 days.


How are Christian Funerals carried out in Singapore?

Christian Funeral services Singapore packages are a relatively short affair compared to other religions in here, however it is also dependent on Family preferences. Most Christian Funeral services Singapore packages center around prayers and recitals from the bible – often led by a clergyman commissioned from the deceased’s church.

However, we are also able to arrange for pastors if none could be sourced by the grieving family.

Below we will break down how Christian funeral services Singapore packages are usually planned in greater detail:


Upon deciding the amount of days (can vary greatly, commonly 3 to 4 days) for the wake, most Christian families would either opt for a tentage setup (at the bottom of HDBs) or a funeral home space.

Both have varying cost structures and fees involved. Do contact us or your undertaker of choice as different locations and durations would increase or decrease prices.

However, we have observed that it is more common for Christians to opt for funeral homes.


A typical Christian funeral services Singapore package has three goals:


  • Reflect on the deceased’s actions
  • Provide solace and comfort to the grieving
  • Pray for the deceased’s ascendance into Heaven


These goals synergise with one another as prayers are held to reflect the good deeds of the deceased, providing the family with hope that the deceased would end up in Heaven. It is also eventual that such prayers and reflections would often alleviate the Family’s grief.

At the procession itself, family members and important friends are usually expected to give pre-made speeches during the course of the wake. Poems, Hymns or Stories can be recited by mourners giving such speeches – however it is more typical for loved ones to share stories about the deceased.

It is also customary for guests to provide words of sympathy to mourners. Also, flowers, sympathy cards and special trinkets are often gifted to the bereaved by guests.


It is respectful for attendees to dress in semi-formal attire when attending Christian funeral services Singapore processions. Short shorts and slippers are highly discouraged.

Though more prominent in the West, funeral attire should represent darker shades – preferably black. However this is quite lax in Singapore.


In Singapore, it is most common for Families to opt for cremation. Therefore, aside from coffins used during the cremation process – urns must also be selected by Family members during the selection phase of the Christian funeral services Singapore package.

The place of burial is also important as there are three columbarium in Singapore – Mandai, Choa Chu Kang and Yishun. Therefore, it is also important for Families to decide which columbarium is most convenient to them. It has also become increasingly common for families to opt for sea burials near Pulau Semakau.


Unlike several western cultures, catering is usually offered in Christian funeral singapore processions. Catering options are estimated based on the number of visitors during wake, as well as the type of cuisine preferred by guests. You may contact us directly for catering options as we provide complete solutions for our clients


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Grief from a Christian perspective

Grief is very much a part of our life.  It is a cycle everybody experiences regardless of social hierarchy or wealth as it truly is one of the most painful human emotions one can ever feel. it is therefore paramount that we have the correct interpretation of grief before we attempt to overcome it.

Firstly, one must recognise that there is nothing inherently wrong with grieving.  It is simply a natural response to the pain and loss suffered as we must understand that grief does in fact have a purpose; it refreshes our perspective on Life. Taken from verse 2 of chapter 7 in the Book of Ecclesiastes; “It is better to go to the house of mourning than to go to the house of feasting, for this is the end of all mankind, and the living will lay it to heart.” Lastly, we must see that grief is in fact temporary, as “Weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning” (Psalms 30:5). Grief has its mission, but it should be limited.

God is faithful through it all

God is faithful through it all, when sorrowed, David prayed “You have kept count of my tossings; put my tears in your bottle. Are they not in your book?” (Psalm 56:8). The touching scene of God catching our bereaved tears is full of depth. He sees our sorrow and doesn’t disdain it. Like Jesus entered into the grief of the mourners at Bethany, God enters into the grief of ours.  At the same time, assuring us that not everything is lost.

What is important in the overcoming of grief is to share our grief with our friends and family, and to express it to God himself as well. “The body of Christ is designed to ease the burdens of its individual members (Galatians 6:2)”, and fellow worshippers can “mourn with those who mourn” (Romans 12:15). Often, the grieving would shut off close friends and family, increasing inner feelings of loneliness and misery. It is therefore beneficial to share our thoughts and muses in times like these to counsellors or groups, as group settings can be extremely helpful. Groups offer their ears and encouragement, esprit de corps, and guidance in walking through sorrow and grief. When we share our stories with God and others, our grief is reduced.

*Adapted and Re-interpreted from Experiencing Grief by H. Norman Wright*

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