Guide To Acquiring a Singapore Death Certificate

Losing a loved one can be one of the most challenging aspect of any individual’s life. During such a period, family members are focused on saying goodbye to the deceased in a dignified manner. However, such a process is burdened by government paperwork and filings.

This article highlights all you need to know regarding death registration, death certificates and more. Singapore residents can read ahead to get crucial information on identification documents, medical practitioner services and other legalities surrounding a death certificate.

Understanding Births and Deaths

Births and deaths are the major events of any individual’s life. It is the responsibility of every individual to get certain documents for legalizing their existence in the country.

A birth certificate carries on the process of confirmation of a child’s birth.

On the other hand, there is the death certificate. A formal document used for official purposes, a death certificate, is quite similar to a birth certificate issued by the country health service department. This is the local department that issues a document proving the death of an individual.

Post Death Process

Upon the death of an individual, all documents, including medical records, are forwarded to the ICA or police division headquarters/neighbourhood police division.

This is done so automatically if the death occurred at a medical facility. Deaths that occur at home may be subject to more complexity if the cause of death is uncertifiable.

Typically, a family doctor is sent to verify “At-home” cases. If a natural cause is ascertainable, a CCOD (Certificate of Cause of Death) is issued. For non-certifiable deaths, the body is sent to SGH (Singapore general hospital) for examination.

Relatives may then have to wait for results. An autopsy may be warranted if the death is deemed suspicious. Otherwise, relatives will be notified when the body can be returned.

The registration officer will guide you in the process of filling out the form. It is crucial to note that any deceased person who was a Singaporean resident living abroad needs to have their death to be aligned with the authorities. This can be done by Singapore citizens who are their relatives/friends, etc.

Typically, these are the documents needed to file for a death claim:

1. All medical documents of the deceased

2. All medicine consumed by the deceased

3. Identification papers of the deceased and informant

Though this is circumstantial and non-exhaustive. Hence it is best to prepare such documents in the event they are needed.

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Applying for a Death Certificate

As mentioned above, the application for the death certificate needs to be submitted at a police post or the ICA. Once you have dealt with the neighbourhood police centre and other medical authorities, this can take place.

Individuals will then need to gain access to a Q-number. Once done, they can proceed with the death extract requisite form process.

Upon the completion of this certified extract form, Singapore residents will be instructed to wait.

Upon call, the resident will be instructed to submit the document and all required identification documents to the registration officer.

A small service fee will be charged, and with manned neighbourhood police post dealings sorted, individuals can then receive their receipt for collection. This will take place on the process for application is cleared.

Foreign Affairs and Death Certificate

For residents of Singapore who happen to be abroad, their death must be reported to authorities to gain the certificate.

Similar to other foreign affairs, the application can be made online or through the help of a proxy.

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