Taoist Funeral Services Singapore

As it is a progression of one’s life to go through death, we design our Taoist Funeral package to honor that progression. We aim to commemorate the memories created during their time with us.

(Due to the recent covid-19 restrictions, we took additional steps to set up sanitation stations and safe distancing measures)

We therefore carefully select and curate our Taoist Funeral package to include:


  • Assistance in Death Certificate Reporting & Transfer service
  • Services Team for Taoist Funeral Procession (1 Team)
  • Pre-brief by Funeral director
  • Donation collection box

Casket Services

  • 4-sided Taoist Funeral casket (Crematable)
  • Pillow with Blanket
  • Pearl
  • Taoist Funeral Heaven & Earth blankets
  • Reservation of Cremation Slot

Embalming, Cleansing and Makeup

  • Embalming for Taoist Funeral
  • Make-up for Taoist Funeral
  • Sealing of Casket


  • Toyota Glass Hearse Rental (1 Trip for Taoist funeral)
  • Rental of 40 seater Coach

HDB tentage

  • Photo Enlargement and Framing
  • Carpet Tiles & Curtains for Casket Area
  • 1 Set of Taoist Funeral Front Arch (一幅三门四桩)
  • Taoist Priest Services: Encoffinment (1 Priest) , Final Night ( Xiao tan)   (3 Priest) , Funeral Procession (1 Priest)
  • Teochew Shan Tang
  • Setup and rental of Taoist Funeral Tentage
  • U Shape Tentage & 1 Canvas Set, 3 Canvas Pieces
  • 10 Round Tables + 100 Chairs
  • 15 Square Tables
  • 6 Fans
  • Wiring and Lighting Services and Rental

Funeral home (If the void deck is not available)

  • Singapore Casket – excluded
  • Singapore Funeral Parlour – excluded
  • Sin Ming Funeral Parlour – excluded

Funerary Offerings

  • Taoist Funeral Fruits & Vegetarian Food Offerings
  • Taoist Funeral Large Lanterns (2 Pairs)
  • Taoist Funeral Golden Boys and Jade Maidens
  • 6ft Paper House
  • Burning tray
  • Metal Cage for Paper House
  • Incense sticks
  • Paper offerings

Floral arrangements

  • Taoist Funeral Altar Flowers
  • Floral Photo Wreath

Mobile toilet

  • Porta John – excluded


  • Taoist Funeral Buffet
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Chef + Cooking space setup – excluded


  • Mandai Cremation
  • Ash collection

Memorial Hall

  • Kong Meng San Monastery (excluded)


Items are customisable based on specific requirements of our clients for our Taoist funeral packages. We designed our Taoist funeral service adequately to fulfill the needs of most clients.

We advise families to prepare the following items for quicker processing:

1. Identification – The hospital/ family doctor would need the deceased’s identification, along with their relative’s for the issuing of a death certificate.

2. Choice of Cremation Centre / Burial Site – There are four columbariums available in Singapore. Located in Mandai, Choa Chu Kang and Yishun. Mandai is open to all religions, while the other two locations are private columbariums catered for Buddhists and Taoists. The fourth columbarium is only catered to Christians, which is also located in Choa Chu Kang.

3. Clothing – Formal clothing or apparel pre-selected by the deceased/family.

4. Photograph – A suitable photo for enlargement. Our Funeral directors can assist in the selection.

Below is a comprehensive guide on what a Taoist funeral procession would be like.


How are Taoist Funerals carried out in Singapore?

A Taoist funeral package is usually incorporated with Buddhist funerals due to the dualistic religious views many Chinese Singaporeans have. However, there is either a particular bias towards Taoism or Buddhism in these funerals depending on the Family’s preference.

It is important to note that Taoist funeral services are the most expensive package, due to the many intricate ceremonies involved.  It is thus common to see a Taoist funeral last a week.


Most of our clients opt for HDB tentages or custom setups at their properties. However, oftentimes – there are exceptions to this rule as we have observed in Taoist funeral services. Families can choose to hold their funeral service at a Taoist funeral home like Singapore casket or Singapore funeral parlour.

Taoist funeral rites

There are many traditions relatives and guests need to adhere to when attending Taoist funeral services:

If you notice, nearly everything – from fruits, duration of funeral to money donated are in odd numbers. That is because it is considered bad to have even numbers at a Taoist funeral as it would imply “Double happiness”.

As you would have read earlier, it is common for Taoist funeral attendees to donate money to the grieving family. However, it is important to not give a figure ending with a “9”, as it would suggest “long-lastinging”-ness.

It is also common for the grieving family to prepare joss paper or purchase paper houses for their loved ones. This is to prepare them for the afterlife.

However, most importantly – relatives cannot celebrate Chinese New Year for Three years after the funeral. Neither can they trim their hairs for 49 Days after their relative’s passing.


Relatives are to dress in white tops and long black bottoms during Taoist Funeral services Singapore processions. Guests may wear anything so as long as the colors worn are not flashy or red.

It is also necessary for relatives to wear “tags” by the side of their arms to signify their relationship to the deceased.


In Singapore, it is most common for Families to opt for cremation. Therefore, aside from coffins used during the cremation process – urns must also be selected by Family members during the funeral planning process. This is atypical for a Taoist funeral.

The place of burial is also important as there are four columbarium in Singapore – Mandai, Choa Chu Kang, Garden of remembrance (Christian only) and Yishun. Therefore, it is also important for Families to decide which columbarium is most suitable for them.

It also important for priests to bless the deceased’s home post funeral. Such post funeral services are included in our pricing.


Food is often prepared by a team of chefs on-site. Traditional Chinese food is served to guests and relatives, and sometimes prepared for rites and ceremonies.

Dialect groups

It is common for different dialect groups to adopt similar Taoist practices. Most notably, each group would have different arches and priests who could speak their dialect.

We can cater to Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese, and Hakka dialect groups. Do take a look at our service page for more details.


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