Buddhist Funeral services Singapore

Buddhist Funeral services Singapore

We work to ensure that our Buddhist Funeral package is comprehensive and fulfilling. We aim to create an environment that eases your grief process. Providing a journey that is both meaningful and helpful to you and your family in times like these.

(Due to the recent covid-19 restrictions, we took additional steps to set up sanitation stations and safe distancing measures)

We carefully select and curate our Buddhist Funeral services Singapore package to include:


  • Assistance in Death Certificate Reporting & Transfer service
  • Services Team for Buddhist Funeral Procession (1 Team)
  • Pre-brief by Funeral director
  • Donation collection box

Casket Services

  • 4-sided Buddhist Funeral casket (Cremateable)
  • Pillow with Blanket
  • Pearl
  • Buddhist Funeral Lotus Blanket
  • Reservation of Cremation Slot

Embalming, Cleansing and Makeup

  • Cleansing & Makeup services for Buddhist funeral (excludes professional embalming)
  • Sealing of Casket


  • Toyota Glass Hearse Rental (1 Trip for Buddhist funeral)
  • Rental of 40 seater Coach

HDB tentage

  • Photo Enlargement and Framing
  • Carpet Tiles & Curtains for Casket Area
  • 1 Set of Buddhist Funeral Front Arch
  • 3 Buddha Funeral Statues
  • Buddhist Monk Procession Services: Encoffinment (1Monk) , Final Night (1Monk) , Funeral Procession (1Monk)
  • Setup and rental of Buddhist Funeral Tentage
  • U Shape Tentage & 1 Canvas Set, 3 Canvas Pieces
  • 10 Round Tables + 100 Chairs
  • 15 Square Tables
  • 6 Fans
  • Wiring and Lighting Services and Rental

Funeral home (If the void deck is not available)

  • Singapore Casket – excluded
  • Singapore Funeral Parlour – excluded
  • Sin Ming Funeral Parlour – excluded

Funerary Offerings

  • Buddhist Funeral Encoffinment items: Sandalwood , Sandalwood Powder And Cotton Rolls ,Wash Basin , Paper Umbrella
  • Buddhist Funeral Fruits & Vegetarian Food Offerings
  • Buddhist Funeral Sutra Blanket
  • Incense sticks
  • Paper offerings
  • 6ft paper house with additional paper offerings (10 bags pre-folded) – excluded
  • 8 ft paper house with additional paper offerings (20 bags pre-folded) -excluded

Floral arrangements

  • Buddhist Funeral Altar Flowers
  • Buddhist Funeral Floral Arrangement
  • Floral Photo Wreath

Mobile toilet

  • Porta John – excluded


  • Buddhist Funeral Buffet
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Chef + Cooking space setup – excluded


  • Mandai Cremation
  • Ash collection

Memorial Hall

  • Kong Meng San Monastery (excluded)


Items are customisable based on specific requirements of our clients for our Buddhist funeral package.

The Buddhist funeral package price starts from $6880 onwards, for 3 days.

We advise families to prepare the following items for quicker processing:

1. Identification – The hospital/ family doctor would need the deceased’s identification, along with their relative’s for the issuing of a death certificate.

2. Choice of Cremation Centre / Burial Site – There are four columbariums available in Singapore. Located in Mandai, Choa Chu Kang and Yishun. Mandai is open to all religions, while the other two locations are private columbariums catered for Buddhists and Taoists. The fourth columbarium is only catered to Christians, which is also located in Choa Chu Kang.

3. Clothing – Formal clothing or apparel pre-selected by the deceased/family.

4. Photograph – A suitable photo for enlargement. Our Funeral directors can assist in the selection.

Below is a comprehensive guide on what a Buddhist funeral procession would be like.


How are Buddhist Funerals carried out in Singapore?

Buddhist Funeral packages are what the majority of our clientele opt for. Ranging from 2 to 3 days, to a week long funeral – the Buddhist funeral package has a varied duration depending on preference.

It is common for most Singaporean Buddhists to hire Chinese Monks specialised in chanting sutras. Relatives are almost always required to participate in the chanting.


Most of our clients opt for HDB tentages or custom setups at their properties. However, oftentimes – there are exceptions to this rule as we have observed in Buddhist funeral services. Families can choose to hold their funeral service at a Buddhist funeral home like Singapore casket or Singapore funeral parlour.

Buddhist funeral rites

The philosophy behind Buddhist funeral rites in Singapore is deep and philosophical. With influence from Chinese folk religions – it is apparent that Buddhist funeral services are unique from other cultures. Instead of direct judgment from God, souls are sent to hell for ‘punishments’ given out by a pantheon of demigods. Afterward, the soul is then sent for reincarnation.

Therefore, one can observe a mix of philosophies and funeral rites. It is expected for the grieving family to prepare ‘hell’ notes, ‘hell’ cars and houses during funeral services.

Adopting old cultural traditions, family members are required to stay with the deceased’s body until the cremation or burial of the body. It is recommended for all family members to participate in rituals and mantra sessions as well.


Relatives are to dress in white tops and long black bottoms during Buddhist funeral services Singapore processions. Guests may wear anything so as long as the colors worn are not flashy or red.

It is also necessary for relatives to wear “tags” by the side of their arms to signify their relationship to the deceased. This is common with Taoist funeral services as well.


In Singapore, it is most common for Families to opt for cremation. Therefore, aside from coffins used during the cremation process – urns must also be selected by Family members during the funeral planning process. This is still common practice for most Buddhist funerals. Alternatively, sea burial options could be requested by the Family.

The place of burial is also important as there are four columbarium in Singapore – Mandai, Choa Chu Kang, Garden of remembrance (Christian only) and Yishun. Therefore, it is also important for Families to decide which columbarium is most suitable for them.


Food is often prepared by a team of chefs on-site. Traditional Chinese food (or vegetarian options) is served to guests and relatives, however special requests can be made. Catering options are the default option, which is inclusive of the quoted package.


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